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Marathon Training

Our 5th and 6th classes were training to run a marathon over the last 7 weeks. They ran their last mile today in Santry. Congratulations to all the fantastic runners 🙂


STEAM WEEK is well on it’s way with junior children taking part in a variety of engineering activities in the hall, while the older ones have been exploring coding activities and artistic design work.

The pictures for this years photo competition have started coming in. Well done to those who have already sent them in. Remember they will only be accepted up until 9am Thursday(17th) so get creating!!

Yellow Submarine!


Bicycle and sail raft!

Hybrid Bus


Space Rocket!!

‘Electricspeed’ – Electric car

Helicopter Ambulance

Lisbon Tram 28


Ice cream truck

Trash can truck





Various Sustainable transport options –  from a bike to an electric car and truck to a houseboat with a roof garden

Dublin Bus made of cardboard and paper with the futuristic wings

Soft Top Audi TT

Time Machine


Solar powered open roof bus.




Moving Ireland toward Eco friendly Transport

This train is called Shanghai Maglev Train and it is terrific because it is the fastest train in the world which runs at a speed of 267 mph.

Space shuttle orbiter with rockets and external tank.

Ehang 184 is the world’s first passenger drone / drone taxi.

Swiss Train

Hot Air Balloon

Wind-powered conveyor belt

Solar Bus




Aqua Bullet Train

Hybrid carriage car and green vintage car with Lego

Well done to Alex(3rd), Marianna(1st), Yitian(4th), Eimear(Senior Infants),Gabrielius(2nd), , Curtis(4th), Douglas(Snr Infants), Emre(Snr Infants), Mete(4th), Rajnandini(1st), Seerat(3rd), Hadi(6th), Shafi(6th), Leah(3rd), Maya(1st), Krishna(2nd) Maks(4th), , Ema(2nd),Filip(2nd), Tiago(2nd), Areej(4th), Siddarth(2nd), Matilda(4th), Riana(4th),Saanvi (4th),  Samiya(4th), Vardhan(1st), Nicole(2nd), Emma(2nd), Gabriel (1st) Maya(2nd), Ibraheem (3rd), Jude(1st), Ian(2nd),Joanne(3rd),Nivedha(4th), Ancika(1st), Yashmit(2nd), Varsha(Jnr Infants), Suhita(2nd), Advaita(1st), Aarav(3rd), Arwa(3rd), Rumaysaa(Snr Infants) Alicia(5th), Viktoria(5th), Sameeha(5th),  Angelina(4th), Oliwia(4th), Milena(4th), Karla(4th), Neha(5th), Nitinraj(5th), Sreya(2nd), Mahitha(2nd), Mithil(1st), Aynanshe(2nd), Maebh(4th), Saifullah(2nd), Emily(4th), Sabeeh(2nd), Sameeha(5th), Zaid(3rd), Idrees(2nd), Aseel(3rd), and Ameya (1st)!

Winners will be announced on Friday and posted here on the website!Good luck!

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