1st Class

The boys and girls in First Class have been very busy this year. They have been working very hard! Here they are making their Passports during Intercultural Week. Our class was Argentina.



The boys and girls got to take part in a number of cool activities during S.T.E.M Week. It is an  annual event which seeks to celebrate the fascinating world of Science, Techhnology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). A huge thank you to Móna an Ailbhe for help in organising all the cool activities. Here are the future scientists working hard!


Trés chic! The boys and girls are making 3 – D representations of the classroom using junk art.


Putting their STEM week skills to good use the children are discovering which material is the best insulator. Using thermometers the children conducted an experiment to see which material is best for keeping heat in!


They’ve also been learning about homes and houses recently. They spent some time planning, designing and building apartment blocks, houses on stilts, igloos and boathouses that can float!

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First Class School Tour!

This year 1st class went to Greenan Maze and Farm in County Wicklow. We had a fantastic time and enjoyed some awesome weather. A huge thank you to Joanna for organising the trip as well as all the staff at Greenan Maze for making us at Adamstown feel so welcome.