2nd Class

Móna’s Second Class performed at the latest assembly. Theylearnt a great deal about birds  while doing their project and had a visitor come and help them find different birds and trees on yard. Here they are singing their ‘Rockin’ Robin’ song.

Second class performing at our Seachtain na Gaeilge Assembly on Friday . Aren’t they fantastic ?

In December we presented our first class project all about China, we tried to remember to speak out clearly to the class and take our time explaining in our own words. The projects look brilliant!!Well done 2nd Class!

We’ve also been learning about 3d shapes in Maths while singing the marshmallow song for Winter Assembly…so we decided to combine the two and do some marshmallow 3d shapes…. The children discovered lots of interesting new shapes and practiced their engineering skills!!

reindeer art

We all grew antlers and turned into Rudolf for the Christmas season. Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New year!!

November has been a busy month for us so far and it’s not even finished!!!
We’ve been learning about Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling and where all our rubbish goes to if we don’t put it in the right bins!!


Our Global Footprints

waste concept map

Waste Concept map

We also had a very exciting Intercultural week, where both second classes happened to be countries in Asia – Japan and China!!

We learnt different party games played in Japan such as a ‘Make a face’ game as well as played Table Tennis (as we learnt China have won 28 out of 32 Gold medals at the Olympics since 1988) and we also tried to learn some of the moves in the ancient martial art – Tai Chi.

In China we made some tasty ‘Glutinous rice balls with mango and coconut’ as well as the tricky task of making some Spring rolls. While in Japan they made a chia seed with berries pudding!! Delicious!!

In October, following on from our learning about healthy eating, we learnt a little bit about teeth. We learnt what keeps our teeth healthy and what damages our teeth. We also learnt about the different kinds of teeth that we have: incisors, canines and molars. We made our own monster teeth out of play dough that we made ourselves, using flour, water, food colouring and creme of tartar.


Our monster teeth

One of the themes of our Ethics calendar this month is homelessness. The children have been learning about houses around the world and discussing their houses and who they live with. We have been exploring the theme of homes and homelessness with the character of ‘the old man’ in our drama.
Videos of our drama: Video 1 , Video 2 , Video 3 , Video 4 , Video 5Video 6


Our homes

October is also the month where we celebrate Diwali. The children have been learning about the story of Rama and Sita and we had a great Diwali assembly on the 20th of October. See the website homepage for more pictures and videos!!

We also celebrate STEM week in October, the children are discovering lots of science and maths in their surroundings and we’re having great fun doing different experiments and maths puzzles.

They also got an amazing physics demonstration, where some children sat on a seat of pins without getting hurt, some children stood on balloons without bursting them, they saw some things go on fire, and some things float as if by magic and it all ended with a big explosion in the yard!

We’ve been busy this September, here’s just a few pictures of what we’ve been up to!!

Here in ACETNS all the classrooms are named after different trees. Móna’s class is called the Horse Chestnut tree. The children have been learning all about how tall they grow, how many leaflets are on each leaf and all about conkers.

IMG_20170921_155536808 (1)

We’ve been using different fabrics and fibres and getting inventive in Art! We worked collaboratively with 3rd class to create some food pyramids and thought about the textures of fabrics to create different pictures.

In English we’ve learning about how to make our narrative writing more interesting. We’ve been working on making our characters and setting more descriptive. In drama we explored different characters and made ‘freeze frames’ or photos with our bodys portraying different parts of a descriptive story.