6th Class

We’re so lucky to have such talent at ACETNS. Take a look at Sixth Class performing ‘baidin fheilimi’ at our Seachtain na Gaeilge Assembly on Friday !

Evan’s 6th class were the first to complete their whole class performance this past Friday (the 13th). The superstitions had no affect however as the children did themselves proud during their presentation on identity and homelessness. Firstly, the children were tasked with writing a poem entitled I am Adamstown, in doing so they were asked what it means to be from Adamstown and what are some of the sights, smells and sounds which make it such an unique and interesting place. Each group worked very hard on their poems and were kind enough to type each one out to share.

Karolina, Marianna, Auste

I am the bell in the morning,
I am the singing of 1st class,
I am the screaming on denis,
I am voice of evan giving out,
I am the singing of the birds,
I am the roar of the passing train,
I am the flowing wind,
I am the smell of fresh pizza,
I am the hairdryers In the boutique,
I am the smell of hot chicken fillet roll,
I am the drizzling rain,
I am the screaming kids,
I am the talking teachers,
I am the bouncing ball,
I am the barcode scanner,

Tanu, Pearl, Nissa, Rachel & Elina

I am Harry jumping in the classroom
I am leaves crackling,
I am windows closing,
I am kids shouting in the yard,
I am birds chirping,
I am tyers skirting,
I am the pizza at mizzoni’s
I am the smell of pepperoni
I am books closing,
I am the fireplace sizzling

I am the coffee brewing,
I am the ticking or the clock,
I am the sound of a hairdryer,
I am the flicking of the light in the cold, dark night

Nikodemas, Meddy, Denis & Gareth

I am the kids stomping on the floor
I am the opening of the door
I am the sound of dorito packs
I am the children doing laps
I am the people eating wraps
I am the children singing raps
I am the sound of teachers laughing
I am the birds merrily flapping
I am the children reading books
I am the teacher’s with good looks
I am the sound of the dart soaring through
I am the boss of every rule
I am the flicking of thick copies
I am the licking of lovely lollies
I am the children singing in 1st class
I am the grasshopper jumping on the grass
I am the lord wearing the crown
I am the best I’m Adamstown

Abdulahad, Harits, Yoj, & Muslih

I am the sound of the pens clicking,
I am the sound of the clock ticking,
I am the sound of the zooming train,
I am the sound of the lashing rain
I am the sound of the children laughing
I am the sound of the birds flapping
I am the rabbit feeling hoppy
I am the wind blowing through the poppies
I am the sound of the helicopters whirring,
I am the people in Londis shopping,
I am Adamstown I have no frowns,
I am the school we deserve our crown,

Roswald, Victor, Ricardo & Bilal

I am the 1st Class screaming
I am the car whizzing by
I am Denis shouting
I am the hum of a generator
I am the bunny hopping
I am the dogs barking
I am the train passing
I am the clicking of a pen
I am the ticking of a clock
I am the smell of hot chicken fillet rolls
I am the sound of lawnmowers
I am the lashing of the rain
I am the toilets flushing
I am Adamstown and I am proud and we sing it out loud!

The conclude the lesson the children wanted to highlight the homeless crisis in Ireland. In doing so they sang Underneath the Sky by the English rock band Oasis.