Junior Infants

Kevin’s Junior Infants School Tour 2018 to Wooly Ward’s Farm in Co. Meath

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Take a look at Junior infants performance for Seachtain na Gaeilge

Our Special Visit from Nurse Lauren

We are learning about people who help us and today we had a special visitor to our class. Her name was Lauren and she is a nurse. She showed us lots of things like how to bandage our legs, arms, fingers and even our heads! She let us use her stethoscope to listen to our heartbeats and also took our temperature using her thermometer. We really enjoyed out visit from Lauren.


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December was fun-filled in our class. We had a Gingerbread House in our Role play area and had lots of fun dressing up as different characters and playing in it. We also enjoyed playing in the Igloo and with the Arctic animals. We built some very cool constructions too. In art this month we made special Christmas trees by painting and decorating pine cones. We loved doing this. We also made lovely snow pictures. We also did our first ever performance at assembly. We sang two songs, Snowflake, Snowflake and Santa Clause is coming to town. We learned the Lámh signs for Santa Clause is coming to town. Everyone thought we were great. Our teachers were very proud of us.

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Barnaby Bear

Barnaby Bear came to our classroom in November. He stays in our classroom during the week and loves to learn what we are learning. He keeps an eye on us to make sure we are trying our best. At the weekend Barnaby goes home with someone who has been trying their best all week. He usually has a very difficult decision because we are all so good. We record all Barnaby’s adventures in his book.  

Our Buddies

Joanna’s 5th Class are our buddy class. They read with us every week . We love spending time with them.  Sometimes we do other exciting things with them, like art. We can’t wait to do more exciting things with our buddies. 


In November our theme was Food. We had a restaurant set up in our classroom and also had a teddy bear’s picnic during play. We loved playing with the mag snaps and at water play too. We experimented to discover what floats and what sinks. We made Funky Fruit in art. They are super cool. We learned about Latvia during Intercultural Week. We made Alexandertorte, they were delicious. We went on a Maths hunt in the yard this month too. We found lots of shapes and numbers.

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We have had lots of fun learning new things and have been very busy. Our theme in October was Myself, we learned lots about our body parts and our senses. During play we pretended we were in the Doctor’s Surgery, we had lots of broken bones but the doctor made us feel much better! We went on a senses walk around our school to see what we could hear, see, smell and touch! There was nothing to taste!!

We learned about Diwali this month too. We were very lucky to have Ameya’s mum in to talk to us about celebrating Diwali.

We really enjoyed STEM week especially our Fun Physics Showcase and our Engineering activities in the PE hall.

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We have had a really busy month in Junior Infants and we can’t believe we have already finished our first month at school. We have all settled in so well and are very excited to be making new friends. We have been learning lots too. Our Aistear theme was Home and School and we loved making ‘yucky’ tea for our teacher and looking after the babies. We built lots of houses from bricks and some of us even made our own transformers! We were also artists and painted some beautiful pictures. We read lots of stories too, our favourites were The Three Little Pigs and The Monster Pet. We loved acting out the story and been the big bad wolf. We worked together to make houses and like the 3 pigs we used straw, sticks and bricks and we made our very own blow paint monsters. We’ve had so much fun in September. Take a look at our pictures so you can see what we’ve been learning!

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