Classes of 2019-2020

Junior infants:

This month we were learning about food.

Children were extremely busy making food using all types of different fabric. Italian food seemed to be the most popular with lots of children making delicious pizza and spaghetti dishes. These were then transported to our restaurant for hungry customers to enjoy. Children also had the important job of transporting freshly baked goods like pies, bread, cookies and cakes from the bakery to the restaurant, so that customers could enjoy some dessert after their meals. BUT we remembered that these were only treats, and that they shouldn’t be eaten every day. Healthy food is very important like fruit and vegetables. Talking about vegetables, the farmers planted seeds, so that vegetables would grow and remembered to water and repot them when needed. They then sent these to the restaurant so that chefs could make healthy meals. Some chefs made delicious soups on the stove using these ingredients. It was important that the waiters and waitresses also knew how to work the till and charged the proper amount of money for all the food. This was a very hard job! Wow, working with food is TOUGH WORK.


We had two days of inquiry this month, which both stemmed from wonders by the children. One child wondered how she could make a maraca and another child wondered about the layouts and designs of shops. We started our maraca inquiry, by playing different musical instruments and listening to the different designs of them. Children then designed their maracas and used various materials to make them. At the end some of the children made changes to their maracas. During the shop inquiry, we visited our local shop Londis, and looked at the different areas in the shop. The children made their own shops and presented them to each other.


We were celebrating the festival of Hannukah this month. We had a great time learning about this important Jewish celebration and decorating the school. We made stars of David and dreidels. We even had a Hannukah Tree.



During winter, the little birds find it very hard to find worms and insects to eat. We made bird-feeders to help them survive the cold winter months. They really enjoyed their tasty treats!



We had so many accidents and illnesses this month: we had patients with broken legs, broken arms, stomach aches, sore throats, headaches and even some heart surgeries!  Luckily, there was lots of caring doctors and nurses around to take care of these poor patients! We also had train drivers, builders, bus drivers, lifeguards, fishermen, shopkeepers, bakers, firefighters, librarians and puppet-masters in the classroom this month. Everyone was working together to help each other in different ways.


This theme allowed the children to learn about other countries. They learnt that people might dress different in other countries, the weather might be different in other countries, people might look different, different animals live in other countries and that sometimes we need to travel by air to other counties. We need our Passports if we need to travel to another country. Children were especially learning about Romania. We had some parents in to teach us all about their countries. Children made booklets all about themselves and shared these with each other in class.


Below is a video, that demonstrates shared reading. Shared reading is when an adult and a child read together, the adult initially gives the child lots of help: asking the child to look at the pictures, helping them to read sight words, discussing and providing examples of how they can sound out /blend words. Over the course of the week, the child should be able to read the book mostly by themselves, and the adult can ask them more difficult questions or discuss the book at a deeper level with them, such as what do you think would happen next? Did you like the book? Why/ Why Not? Have you any connections? I wonder why Goldilocks was so hungry? etc.



It is so important that we know how to talk and listen to each other. This is how we learn new things. We have been learning how to go ‘knee to knee’ with our talk partner. When we talk to a partner, we look at their eyes and we talk nice and loud. When we listen to a partner, we look at their eyes, we keep our bodies still, we might ask them some questions afterwards. We also take turns to talk and to listen. Here the children went knee to knee, to talk about the books that they liked.


We have been listening to the jolly phonic songs- and learning the actions for the sounds. We have been stretching out words to see what sounds are in the words, what the words start with, end with. We have been clapping out words to see how many syllables it has. We have been playing rhyming games. We have been blending and segmenting words.

Here children were drawing some things that started with a g, d, s etc to make a magic spell. Then they shared their spells with each other.


Making constructions

The class had the opportunity to go to the hall, and make constructions using a variety of materials. Some of the children made really tall structures. Some children even made an Eiffel Tower!


We had a visitor to come to the class and tell us about some birds and flowers living around our school. We went on a walk to look for some birds and flowers. It was great fun. We even used a checklist to tick off what we found. Look at us exploring!


We are really enjoying listening and discussing lots of books. We have been Predicting (guessing what will happen next) and Visualizing (seeing the movie in your head – looking at what’s happening, listening to the sounds you hear, smelling the smells around you, describing what the characters are saying and how they are feeling). We are also talking about the books that we like and the books that we don’t like and giving reasons for this, for example, I like this book because there is a happy ending. I like this book because it is about real life. This is Jumana’s favourite book. She loves it because it is about animals and because it makes sounds. Aryan liked this book because it was about real life and because we can use it to learn how to look after Harry.



Here are the children engaging in some maths activities.


Number One

They were learning how to write the number one – Number One is like a stick, a straight line down that’s very quick.


Children made towers and then compared them with a partners, to see if their tower was taller or shorter, and who had the tallest and shortest.


Children were learning about triangles, rectangles, squares and circles. They are able to name the shapes and also to describe them. For example, A circle is round. A traingle has three straight sides. A rectangle has four corners. A square has four corners and four sides. Here they are tracing some shapes into their copybooks and describing the shapes.


We were learning about patterns – A pattern is something that happens over and over again, and we can predict what will come next.



We were learning all about animal welfare and how to take care of our little pet rabbit – Harry. We were also learning about Halloween. We discussed how not everybody celebrates Halloween and that this is absolutely fine. We are all different. The children wrote a story about Halloween. They thought about what they wanted to say first, and then I could write it down. They decided that it should go outside our classroom door, so that everybody else could learn about Halloween too. Some children also dressed up for Halloween.




The children have been learning all about how to be independent. They are doing a great job at tidying the classroom, lining up safely, stacking chairs and putting on coats ALL BY THEMSELVES!! 🙂 Amazing work and such good helpers. I am such a lucky teacher.



The children were playing in the role-play area. They were learning all about the people who worked in the school and the things they do to help us. They were pretending to be the teacher, the children, the principal, the lollipop lady, the cleaners, the care-taker and the secretary. They ran a very organised school.


Children made really creative schools using the blocks. They included the classrooms, the PE hall, the principal’s office and of course, the Yard. They even made up some rules for their school.


The children made lots of art, using junk materials.

They made lollipop sticks that they could use in the role-play, monsters from our book ‘The Monster Pet’ and lots more!

I’m sure you have seen some of the art that they took home! Here are the children hard at work!


The children were in the small world, acting as a family in the morning getting ready for school.



We were playing in the sand, finding and naming different objects that we have in the school. The children also made lots of sand birthday cakes. YUM!



The children also have the choice to go to the reading corner. Here, they get to relax and read the books. They can also act out the books using the puppet theatre


Senior infants

The Ark

Zara’s class went on a very exciting trip to The Ark in Temple bar. They went to an Art workshop with an artist. All the art was Space themed – our Aistear theme for the month. They got to see the exhibition and then they got to draw aliens and they made collages of the view from their spacecraft. It was a Super day out!

Dancing with the Stars

Ryan and Giulia from Dancing with the Stars came to ACETNS. They performed an incredible dance for everyone. We all gave them 10 points! Zara, Tom and some of the other teachers got up to do a dance as well. Good luch to Ryan and Giulia in the show!


This week, a very important visitor came to Senior Infants – Blueberry! Blueberry is the school mascot for the Erasmus plus program. This is a program that works with schools in different countries to share our various learning experiences. As Blueberry is our mascot, he is wearing a yellow t-shirt with the four flags of the countries involved in the program: Ireland, Sweden, Portugal and The UK. We had loads of fun with Blueberry in our class. He played as a vet and on the farm in our Aistear stations.

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-10 at 2.06.33 PM


Olivia and Zara’s class got a chance to play with the BeeBots. BeeBots are colourful robots that move around the mat, based on a code that the child comes up with. BeeBots teach children the early programming skills. Coding and programming is becoming an extremely important skill for the technological world that we live in. More importantly than all of this, BeeBots are FUN! Senior infants loved coming up with codes and patterns, and seeing if their BeeBot moved to the location that they chose.

Doctor and Dentist’s office 

Senior infants have been studying the doctors office and the dentist’s office through Aistear. We role played as doctors, nurses, dentists receptionists and engaged in loads of other fun activities. We spoke about all the people in the community that help us.


The children are learning all about autumn. We learned what hibernation is and what animals go into hibernation. We learned what happens to the leaves on trees in Autumn and how the weather changes.


STEAM week means that lots of fun Science Technology Engineering Art and Maths activities are going on in ACETNS this week!


Zara & Olivia’s Senior Infants really enjoyed taking part in the Engineering challenge for STEAM week 2019.

They used:





construct -o-straws


and foam shapes


to create modes of transport!

They worked in groups and took turns experimenting with the different materials!

It was so much fun! 🙂

Check back here to see what other activities take place throughout the week.

Remember the STEAM week photo competition will be running all week.

The theme is: Future Transport. What ideas can you come up with at home?

2nd class

Home Learning

Even though we haven’t been in school I’m happy to report that the children in 2nd class have been working hard at home and doing lots of fun and interesting things like planting, baking, painting, drawing, exercising, creating, building, feeding the birds, reading great books, writing stories and letters, playing shop and making timetables. I’ve even heard some children have been learning new languages and doing coding and probably lots more!

Keep up the great work everyone, I am so proud of you all!


months of the year

🌱Spring Planting in Ailbhe’s Class🌱

Before the school closure our class had done some planting. I popped into school yesterday to collect them and take them home to look after them. I was so happy to see how well they had grown. Thanks so much to George who watered them for us.

Check out this video to see how much they’ve grown 🌱

maths banner

We have been learning about time.

We were busy making timetables in CJ’s class.

We were learning to put a time on our daily activities.

We had to draw pictures of our activities and use blank clocks to fill in specific times during our school day.


months of the year

This month in CJ’s Class

we started sowing seeds!

We sowed Beetroot, Leeks and Onions. We feel like we have made a big start to the garden jobs.

We are looking forward to see them grow and preparing the vegetable beds.

This is our list of vegetables that we can sow in the month of February.


We have been learning about Spain🇪🇸

This month we learned lots of new things about Spain. We all did wonderful projects and presented them to our class. To celebrate, we had our very own Spanish Fiesta. We prepared our own bread with tomato, olive oil and garlic, a Spanish fruit salad and a sparkling citrus fruit drink. We then enjoyed it with our friends and listened to some Spanish music.Check out this video to see all the fun Ailbhe’s class had.

Assembly Performance

Ailbhe’s Class performed at our 1st assembly in November. We shared lots of facts that we had learned about autumn and we said a poem called Autumn is Here. We did a great job and Ailbhe is very proud of us.Here is a video of our performance.

STEAM WEEK 2019Check out this video to see some of the fun activities 2nd class got up to during STEAM Week.

September in Ailbhe’s Class

In September we learned all about ourselves, our families and our locality. We learned:How to make a family treeFamilies can be differentOur locality is our neighbourhoodOur localities are Adamstown and LucanLots of different people help us in our localityOur bones help us moveOr muscles contract and relaxOur brain is protected by our skullOur skeleton stops us from being floppyBabies have more bones than adultsBabies have about 270 bones, adults have about 206Our humerus is the bone from our shoulder to our elbowOur femur is the bone from our hip to our kneeHere are some wonderful pictures of some of the things we created

We also designed and made ROBOTIC HANDS. They are very cool!

3rd class

Home Learning in 3rd class 

Over the past few weeks; despite not being in school, 3rd class have been working really hard at home, keeping their minds busy and doing lots of fun and interesting things – including planting, painting, project work, handwriting, singing, exercising, baking, reading and writing stories. I have loved getting pictures of all the wonderful work and projects the children have been doing.

Before the school closure we had been learning about the country Norway in school. All the children have continued their research on Norway and completed amazing projects which they sent to me.

See if you can spot your work in the video below!

Keep up the wonderful work everyone! I am so proud of you all.


Design and Make: Rocket-ships!

During the month of February and March 3rd class have been learning about the solar system. The children have enjoyed researching about different planets in the solar system and discovering lots of new interesting information.

For art this week, the children collected toilet rolls and other recycled materials to design and make their own unique rocket-ship.

Here are some pictures of their wonderful creations:

Spreading a message of love for one and another

This week for art 3rd class created special finger painted pictures depicting the word LOVE.


5th class

Enjoying some tasty treats at our Valentines themed bake sale this year!!

During January and February we’ve been learning about what life was like during the Great Potato Famine in Ireland in the 1840’s. We read a very famous novel called ‘Under the Hawthorn Tree’ which follows three 3 children across the country to find their family during the worst years of the famine. We were also lucky enough to get the opportunity to travel to the National Opera House in Wexford to see a theatrical performance of the novel. While there we also briefly visited the Wildfowl reserve just outside Wexford town and had lunch on the quay by the ships.
Children explored the medium of clay in the visual arts to create a famine memorial replicating the memorial in Dublin and Mayo.

Under the Hawthorn tree book cover

5th class got inventive in January creating their own dioramas of glacier formation from household items. The variety and creativity was remarkable.

After getting a taste for fun science in October we started exploring Circuits in December and tried to get creative with our placement of lights and fans in a picture. Click on the video link below to see our pictures come alive!!


Battery Operated pictures – link 1
Battery Operated pictures – link 2
Battery Operated pictures – link 3
Battery Operated pictures – link 4

October means STEM week and fun and creative ways to use Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Here’s a few of the projects we worked very hard on for many weeks and showcased in the hall during STEM week.

We’re so lucky to have the Intel campus so close in Leixlip who annually run their Mini-Scientist Competition during October. Here’s 5th class hard at work trying one of the engineering activities from the goodie bag.

We trained hard in September and October. For 7 weeks we ran daily to improve our running stamina and on the 15th of October we tried to run our best mile in Santry with lots of other schools from around the county.

September is all about getting to know ourselves and our friends again after the long summer. We worked for many weeks on various forms of self-portraits through the medium or drawing and paint and then we tried papier-mache. It was tough, the tissue paper and glue got all over our hands and it was hard to form the different parts of the face but  we powered through. Here’s a few of them :

6th class

Working From Home

This is such a difficult time for everyone, however our sixth class pupils are doing amazing work at home with their parents. Keep it up and WELL DONE!



We were reading this book as a whole class novel. Below is a review, written by a sixth class pupil. Check out her thoughts:


Book review: 30.3.20

Book title: The Other Side of Truth

Author: Beverley Naidoo

Genre:Adventure, action, drama

Rating: 5/5


The reason I gave it a 5/5 is because this book is truly fantastic. I loved every part of the book through the beginning to the end. The book used good descriptive words that made me feel like I was there.

Plot of the book

Start: Sade and Femis mother got shot by the gunmen as a warning for the father as he is an outspoken journalist who writes the truth about Nigeria.

Middle: Uncle Tunde gets Sade and Femi a fake passport as they have to flee their country at once and without their dad.

Middle: They arrive in Londen with Mrs Bankole in look for their Uncle Dele but when they meet Mr Bankole they are left alone in the big city of Londen

End: It is Christmas Eve with  Mr and Mrs King. A knock on the door, who might it be at this time? It was their father and uncle Dele.

Recommandations: I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure. This book is about two kids who escape from their own country (Nigeria). So if you also like books about refugees then this is the perfect book for you.

Who I would recommend it to: I would recommend this book to 10 or older. This book has more mature words and I don’t think younger kids would enjoy it as much.

Interesting character:

Character name: Sade

Personality/ traits: Brave, admirable, wise, helpful

Why I like this character: The reason I like Sade is because of how much she cares for Femi and her father. I also admire her braveness and how she isn’t afraid to share her to. She tries to make the best out of a situation even when it’s hard to.


Some of the pupils in 6th class have been writing beautiful poems at home this week. Janet wrote a wonderful acrostic poem named ‘School’, this week. Nice to see that although she is doing her work at home, she is still thinking about ACETNS 🙂 Thanks Janet. Elida wrote a poem named ‘Faraway’. Her use of repetition, is extremely effective and uses the theme of home in a really unique way. Check them out below:


Sometimes education 

Can help us get to our next life station 

Headaches are what people think about school, but

Only yours is, ours is cool, 

Offering a bunch of information

Love your school: It’ll lead you to your next destination!!

by Janet


On a day ,

I went on a getaway,


To a place called Alaska.

It was cold,

But I was told

It was going to be okay.

As I went,


I found a place where I can stay.

I stayed for a while,

And I knew it was time,

To go back home.

By Elida!


Our class learned about bushfires in Australia . These bushfires are devastating to the people and animals of Australia. Firefighters have been tackling the fire and used water bombs to help extinguish the fire.


5th  And 6th Class Amazing Marathon 

     On the 13th of November 2019 5th and 6th class from Adamstown Castle Educate Together National School ( A.C.E.T.N.S. ) went to Santry Stadium  to accomplish a 1km marathon .                                                                                                                                          Firstly on the 16th of September 2019 both classes received a pink marathon , that had 8 weeks in it , so they could complete the full marathon , however if a student wasn’t in they had to do more laps  the next day                                                            The first week of the marathon booklet instructed the classes to do 450 m ( 3 laps of the big yard ) every week  5th and 6th class needed to increase their amount of laps . a of the  marathon booklet 5th and 6th class were supposed to end up with 25.2 miles .                                                                                                                                                    On the 13th of November 2019 both classes calculated their laps . That morning at 10 o ‘clock they went to Santry Stadium to do their last lap 1 km !                                      It was a great experience for 5th and 6th class , and at the end they received a medal and a t – shirt for completing the marathon !

Hi guys , so we’ve been learning about about Genius Hour , some of you might not know what Genius Hour is so i’ll explain !

Genius Hour is an hour where we learn about what ever we want.  Now were doing Genius Hour projects . My topic was “How to design and make clothes for kids and animals “, but i changed it to “How to design clothes “. Some people are doing projects on “How to help the environment ” others on”Where does sand come from”others about plants , healthy eating ,and  coding , Etc……                                                      Then we have to make a presentation , a  power point , show it with a model of something a website Etc……                                                                                                                  Then we will share our information with the class / school and might end up showing it to Intel.

          That’s it for now if there’s any more information we will add to it .                     

We have been running for a marathon in Tallaght.                                    We have been running 5.2 miles, which is three weeks of running.       We are doing this to stay healthy and fit for the marathon.


Our motto for the day is be yourself 😀 This is important to us because we are unique in different ways :D:D:D:Ddav

Last week we completed the Marshmallow challenge to practice working as a team. This was the winning structure. We started off with a triangle shape so that our structure would be strong enough.


Here is the slideshow from the 6th class graduation.

6th class 2019 slideshow


We love pizza!

November 2019

Have a look at the gorgeous pizzas we made in class this week. Not only did we make and EAT our own pizzas but we wrote a shopping list for our ingredients and went to the shop to buy them ourselves. We went pizza CRAZY….designing pizzas in art, sequencing the steps to make a pizza and of course, singing pizza songs.