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Alanna’s Class

In Alanna’s 5’th class we’ve been learning, geailge (irish), maths, english, art, science, history, and georaphy.

In geailge (irish) we have been learning using our Abair Liom book and other resourses. We have been learning on several topics such as Bia (food), An Teilifis (the television), Eadai (clothes).

In history, we have been learning about the renaissance and Christopher Columbus. For the renaissance, we were each assigned people from the renaissance and we did projects on them for each of them.

In art we have been doing valentines day art, piet mondrian art and flower art. In our flower art, we had to make a water bucket with black an white patterns only. Then we had flowers coming out of the pot which we coulered in.

For our valentines day art we had to paint a page entirely in pink, purple and some light shades of red. 

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