Primary Science Fair

RDS Primary Science Fair

Denis’ Fifth Class along with some students from other classes and Ailbhe showcased their science project titled ‘Can we make a 5 star concoction to clean our whiteboard completely’ on Saturday 14th January at the Primary Science Fair in the RDS .

When we decided to enter the competition we made it a goal to solve an everyday problem in our lives. Something that really annoyed us about our classroom this year is how dirty our whiteboard is. We inherited a whiteboard full of old marks that rarely cleaned fully, and to quote the children “It was really annoying”. So we decided to try and make a cheap homemade alternative to manufactured whiteboard sprays. We tested a variety of homemade materials such as lemon juice, vinegar, nail polish remover, baby oil, sparkling water, soap and hand sanitizer. We put each material to the same fair test so that all results were fair. We then ranked each of these cleaners by giving them a star rating up to 5. We then decided to try and mix and matched our materials to make the perfect concoction. Through various trials and tests we decided that the perfect homemade whiteboard spray would consist of baking soda, nail polish remover, soap and sparkling water.” Denis

We displayed our project and presented it to lots of people including some judges who were very interested in it. We had a fun day at the fair in the RDS and we got to see lots of other projects along with exhibitions from universities and companies. We even went to see some shows.

It was a great day overall and we really enjoyed the experience.