Active School Flag

Volleyball Lessons

Some of our 5th and 6th classes, got to take part in some volleyball lessons. It was so much fun!

This year our school has being making a huge effort to become more active in everything we do!!

All classes have been doing lots of different things:

  • after-school activities
  • active breaks in class
  • being coached by local clubs
  • doing our Super Troopers homework
  • swimming in our local swimming pool
  • active lines at yard time
  • and so much more

Very soon we will post our school’s active logo and slogan. We’re excited to see who will win!!

To find out more about how you and your family can get active check out

ACETNS got the Active flag!! After a lot of hard(but fun!!) work we earned the Blue Flag. Well done everyone! Stay Active!!

On the 10th of February we did the ’10@10′ challenge, where the whole school did 10 minutes of exercise at 10 o’clock.