This year we had our first STEM week, which meant we combined maths week and science week to create, Science Technology, Engineering and Maths into one fun filled week.

Throughout the week children wrote their ‘wonder questions’ and they were put together at the end of the week on a ‘Wonderwall’. It was amazing to see the inquisitive and scientific questions thought about in the school.

Some children were involved in creating Lego cities while the older classes had to try build the tallest 4 legged free standing giraffe they could.

The children also worked together to carry our certain real life Scientific experiments such as houses to withstand flooding and the younger children went to the hall to get involved in active maths games.

The 5th and 6th class were also involved in carrying out their very own experiments, which they then demonstrated to the rest of the children in the school in our Science Expo in the hall. They were visited by three judges from Intel (Computer Software company) who brought goodie bags for all those who made experiments and chose 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

We also had a Maths trail for the older classes with very cryptic clues and ended our week with a STEM quiz.