ACETNS First Virtual Assembly

We are all missing our weekly assembly so much at ACETNS that we’ve decided to go virtual. Every Friday we are going to post a video of our virtual assembly. Each week we will share messages from different people in our ACETNS Community. We hope you enjoy 💜

Watch our first ever Virtual Assembly here

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There are some special messages for you on ACETNS-Tube!

We are so excited to share that two new videos have just been posted on ACETNS-Tube. 

To see a special message from the staff at ACETNS.                                                                      Click this link We’re All in This Together

in this togehter

To see some positive messages from our wonderful school community.                            Click this link Stay Positive


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Stay Safe and Stay Home everyone!

CJ & Ailbhe 



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And Remember   >>>You’ve got a friend in me!<<< 
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