Intercultural Week

This week we are celebrating Intercultural Week in ACETNS. The children will take part in a virtual day of travel by completing various games and activities from 16 countries around the world.

There will also be an international scavenger hunt on yard throughout the week.

On Thursday and Friday every class will showcase what they have been learning about this week and other class will have an opportunity to view these displays.

The following are the countries the children are studying: 

Junior Infants: Nepal, Bulgaria

Senior Infants: Lithuania, Italy

1st Class: Togo, Senegal

Outreach Classes: Vietnam, Moldova

2nd Class: Bangladesh, Canada

3rd Class: Egypt, Libya

4th Class: Czech Republic, The Netherlands

5th Class: Ukraine, Saudi Arabia

6th Class: South Africa, Tunisia Mona/Aisling

Check out photos on the class blog later of what we learned.

Welcome to our new Junior Infants.

We are so excited to be welcoming a brand new group of junior infants into our school in the new school year. Unfortunately we have not been able to host our usual information evening for parents. We have put this video together to give you some information about starting school in ACETNS. We hope it answers any questions you may have.

ACETNS Virtual Assembly- Ep.5

Episode 5 of our virtual assemblies is now on ACETNS-Tube.
This week we get a fitness challenge from Tom, we learn some more about honesty, we have a lovely poem about families, written by one of our teachers and we learn all about why bees are so important. We hope you enjoy.
Don’t forget to share your family themed poems with Chloe or Kerry by Tuesday!
Click here to watch Virtual Assembly – Ep 5