Welcome Back

Welcome back everyone! I hope everyone had a great summer. Just a few things to note before starting back:

  • We will be starting the year at 8:40am on Friday 31st August. Junior infants will be finishing at 12:00pm in the first two weeks. Senior infants will be finishing at 1:20pm and all other classes will finish at the normal time of 2:20pm.
  • Materials money payment link and Book rental payment link will be sent in the first week of September.
  • Book lists are on the website under each class group. You will also see the break down of the materials money here.

Moving into First Class

We are really excited about moving into First Class. We are doing loads of fun activities this week to celebrate. We went to the playground and had a great time with our friends.

Attendance Awards

We were delighted to see so many boys and girls receiving  trophies and medals and certificates for excellent attendance at our Attendance Ceremony on Friday . We were equally as happy to hear about the children who have tried their best to improve their attendance , which is just as important:)


Congratulations to Joanna/Kate’s 5th class who won overall best class attendance and took home the attendance Trophy!!






We’ve been having such a fun SMILE week here atACETNS. The purpose of SMILE week is to promote positive thoughts and energy in our school, and we’ve been trying our best to be kind and friendly to everyone around us.


Some of the activities of the week included  talks from community Gardaí about internet safety, random acts of kindness and kindness tokens , designing cyber superheroes and making our own funky shoes.


We had so much fun at ACETNS today for our  ‘Funky Shoe Day’  , to promote the ‘walk in my shoes’ idea for mental health awareness. Pupils were encouraged to wear their craziest , most colourful shoes.  We even had a ‘Funky Shoe Dance’ on the yard !!

Everyone was so inventive and creative with their shoe designs , thank you so much to the student council for all their hard work organizing the events this week and to everybody who took part.

Gender Equality and Inspirational Women.

As part of the learn together program this week, the children have been learning about the lives of women who have made a difference or who are known for their contribution to humanity.  Each class chose a woman that they found particularly inspiring and presented what they learnt at assembly today. We had some incredible presentations and projects and learnt about so many powerful woman who have made a difference in the world.

Our theme this week was also gender equality. As part of this , we asked the boys to wear some pink to school and the girls to wear some blue to show that it’s okay for a boy to love pink just as much as a girl , and that blue is not just a ‘boys’ color – girls can wear blue too ! Thank you to all the boys and girls who made an effort with their colors . It was great to see everybody taking part.


Take a look at some of our Class Performances on Inspirational Women !!





Junior Infants Presentation – Sonia O’Sullivan


Hawthorn Class – Temple Grandin


Second Class – Frida Kahlo

First Class Presentation – Amelia Earhart


Third Class – Grace O’Malley

Fourth Class – Katie Walsh


Fifth Class – Princess Diana


6th Class – Malala Yousefzai

Senior Infants Performance – Wangari Maathai

Girls Soccer


Well done to the Girls Soccer teams who played at the Spar Primary 5s blitz  on Thursday at SDFL. Two teams were entered , playing six matches a piece.

The girls were excellent and did ACETNS proud . Well done girls !!