3rd Booklist

Third Class Booklist 2022/2023

School Fees
Art and Craft Supplies & Photocopying €35.00
Assessments (Drumcondra Tests) €5.00
Class Materials (Maths, SESE, Music and PE Resources) €20.00
English Resources
(Guided Reading Texts, Individualised Readers, Library Books) €20.00

IT (Devices and online subscriptions) €10.00
ET Memberships €15.00
Insurance €5.00
Total Cost *€110.00

Book Rental Scheme:
The following textbooks are available to you at a cost of €25 on our Book Rental Scheme,
if not participating in the Book Rental Scheme these books need to be purchased.

  • Irish: Abair Liom E, Folens
  • English: ACETNS 3rd Class Workbook
  • Maths Cracking Maths 3rd Class Textbook, Gill Education
  • Cracking Maths 3rd Class Enrichment Book, Gill Education
  • SESE Explorers Geography Science, 3rd Class Textbook, Folens
  • SESE Explorers History 3rd Class Textbook, Folens

–Reference Books – to be purchased (if not carried over from 1st class)

  • Oxford School Dictionary, Edco
  • Time for Tables (can be carried over from 1st Class), Edco
  • SESE, All Around Me Primary Atlas, Edco

8 x Capital A11 Copies
5 x Sum Copies 7mm squares
1 x Learn to Write B4 Copies
1x A5 Notebook

1x Pack of Crayola Colored Pencils
(or similar)
1 x Large Pritt Stick
3 x HB Pencils
2x A4 Zip Folders
1 x Rubbers
1 x Sharpener
1x Red pen
1 x Small Sellotape
30cm ruler
5 x Face Cloths

Please have your child’s name on the outside of all of their books ,copies and clearly
displayed on all of their stationery.
*A link for school fees will be sent in September.
**If you have more than 1 child attending our school, the payment deduction will be
reflected in the monies section of Aladdin

It is important that children have all books, copies and sufficient stationery supplies
with them each day. We hope to reopen our school shop again next year.