2nd Materials

Second Class Booklist    2023/2024

School Fees 

Class Materials (Aistear, Maths , SESE , Music and PE Resources)€20.00
IT (Devices and Online Subscriptions)€10.00
ET Memberships€15.00
Insurance €5.00
Total Cost €70.00

Please provide your child with a pencil case containing the following items;

2x  HB Pencils

1x Rubber

1 x  Sharpeners

1 x 30cm ruler

1x Pack of Crayola colouring pencils(or similar)

1x Red pen

Reference texts

(Your child will carry this forward throughout their time in Primary School)

Oxford School Dictionary CJ Fallon                (ISBN 9780192786739)

The new schools book grant will cover the reminder of your child’s workbooks and classroom materials.