Change of venue

Sports day for 3rd- 6th class on Thursday 16th June will now take place in Lucan Sarsfields GAA club from 10.00 a.m to 1.50. p.m. Children will come to school as normal. Parents are invited to attend, there will be a coffee shop and seating area open on the grounds.

Rugby & Cricket

A huge thank you to Olag from Adamstown Cricket Club and Luke from Leinster Rugby who visited our school today and gave lessons as part of Active Week.

New members are always welcome in these clubs:

Leinster rugby are hosting summer camps if your child enjoyed the session today:

Thanks also to Mags who visited on Monday and did boxercise with our junior classes.

Active Week 2022

Active Week takes place in ACETNS next week from 13th- 17th June. The timetable of events has been emailed out to parents. Junior Infants, Senior Infants, First and Second Class are hosting class walks. Please see the timetable for further details. Parents are encouraged also to participate in the dance on yard each morning and also to attend Sports Day. Please ensure runners and rain coats are with the children each day next week.