Hawthorn Class

Trip to the Farm!!

Junior Art

We decided to make the most of the windy days so we created these wonderful kite pieces.


Junior Topic

The Hungry Caterpillar

The junior children have started a new theme – The Tall Grass Zoo. They were learning about The Hungry Caterpillar. These are their art projects:


Bao Anh helped Izabella create this wonderful title sheet. They used foam letters and stamped them onto the page using poster paint.

The three boys created these masterpieces using an an array of different mediums.

For the caterpillar they dipped balloons into paint and dabbed them onto the paper. They then went for a nature trail and gathered some leaves. They placed the leaves under the page and coloured over them with crayons. They then used finger prints to make a border around their caterpillars.

To finish, they spelled The Hungry Caterpillar using their letters during English.

They had so much fun creating these pieces.



Lan Anh and Mia made these amazing dandelion art pieces using pens and finger paint art. They had great fun creating them.




Lan Anh and Mia were experimenting with liquid layers on Tuesday during science. They found out that some liquids weigh heavier than others.

On Tuesday Ishan and Bao Anh made these sensory rainbow bags using paint and flour. They enjoyed making and playing with them.


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