Junior Infants

Welcome to Junior Infants!!!

Easter Egg Hunt

For our last day of Term 2, we had a big Easter Egg Hunt outside and then we got to share all the Easter Eggs. We found too many to even count!

Seachtain na Gaeilge

We spoke lots of Irish and sang lots of Irish songs during Seachtain na Gaeilge. We sang Mise an Traein for all the parents at the concert and we also learnt An Damhsa Mór and showed that off to everyone too. We all made headbands for our parade. A trickster called Larry the Leprechaun, came into our room one day and left glitter EVERYWHERE. We tried to find him to tell him he was very naughty but we couldn’t find him. He left us some chocolate coins as well.

World Book Day

We dressed up as our favourite book characters to celebrate World Book Day. Then we had a Reading Breakfast, where we all got to eat breakfast and read our favourite books at the same time. We love to read in Junior Infants! We were able to sound out lots of the words and find loads of sight words.

Travel and Transport

In March, we learnt all about the theme of Travel and Transport. We made our own vehicles during Junk Art and we even got to bring them home! We made rockets, helicopters, hot air balloons, buses, cars and lots more. In the sand, we were using tractors, diggers, jeeps and trailers to work in the quarry and find stones but then we found diamonds there, so we had to turn it into a mine. We put together a train track and had lots of different passengers to go on the train every day. Some people did not buy a ticket :O We used the blocks and the playdough to make different vehicles and different forms of transport. In the Roleplay Area, we went to the airport. Some of us were going to on holidays but some of us had to work there, as Pilots, Security Guards and as Check in Staff.


We have made friends with a school in Italy. The class are called The Lively Butterflies and they are the same age as us. Lisa who used to teach in our school, teaches them this year. We have been skyping them to find out their names and to see the things they like. They like LOTS of the same things as us. We got a package from them – inside the package, were masks they made for Carnival and some treats they eat during Carnival. They also drew us pictures. We sent them letters too. We are going to send them some headbands that they can wear for St. Patrick’s Day. We love our Penpals in Italy.

We had a BIG PARTY to celebrate our one hundredth day in school! It was very exciting. We are all smarties now!

In February, our Aistear theme was The Weather.

We were learning about summer by playing in the sand and learning about winter by playing in the Frozen small world. We also made lovely weather pictures with playdough. We had to make houses on stilts in the construction area as the houses were in very wet countries and prone to flooding!! We were well prepared for the weather each day as we had our very own weather forecast channel in the roleplay area. Check out all our great photos!!

In January, we learnt all about People Who Help Us.

Children in the class were very busy working as receptionists, doctors, dentists, paramedics, opticians, builders, mechanics, nurses and lots more.