Senior Infants


We had a wonderful time on our school tour. In fact, Hubert claims that it was the best day that he ever had (so far!). The children’s behaviour was amazing and they all brought their great manners with them. I heard lots of pleases and thank yous, throughout the day. They got to partake in a range of activities including feeding the animals, petting animals, go-karts, bouncy castles, indoor and outdoor play areas, a picnic, football, zip-lining and much more!

Take a look at Senior Infants performing at our Seachtain na Gaeilge Assembly!!

October was a very busy but fun month. Our theme October was ‘Home and School.’ We also were celebrating Diwali and we also had STEM week.

We had an exhibition from a scientist who showed us lots of experiments. Science is a bit like magic only we can figure out how it works. We also had construction activities where we had time to build with different materials and had a challenge of building a structure that could lift a ball.

Harry the Rabbit – Harry is becoming a very adventurous rabbit. You can see him hopping around the classroom everyday and maybe even nibbling on some of your shoes! We have to be very gentle when we are spending time with him and we have to make sure we wash our hands after petting him, and especially after cleaning out his cage!

Class Party – The class earned a party for themselves as they were following the rules really well since September. The rule they were especially focusing on was ‘We listen properly to the teacher and to each other.’ Children have got EXCELLENT at listening. When we listen we have still feet, still hands, our eyes are looking at the speaker, our ears are listening, we have quiet mouths and our brain is engaged. You should be able to repeat what the speaker said if you were really listening. Try it at home as well!

Diwali – We were celebrating Diwali this month. Some of the children from senior infants was performing songs and dances at assembly in  front of the whole school. Sreya and Suhita’s mums came into the classroom and taught us about Diwali. They also showed us how to make Diawli cards and gave us treats. ‘We had the best Diwali party ever!’

A house hunt – We went on a walk outside to see if we could spot different types of houses and buildings in the environment.

Static Electricity Experiments – There is lots of electricity in our homes and in our school. We can save electricity in really easy ways, like turn off the board when we don’t need it and switch off the lights when we leave the room. Children made static electricity by rubbing balloons on woolly material and then investigating to see what happens – it can make our hair rise, the paper butterfly fly, paper to move and can even lift paper!

Families – A family is what makes a house a home! In our sensory area, we cut out all our families and we had to find them and make family trees. We also had to find household jobs and match them with the people who did them. The children told me all about the jobs they do at home. It is very important to give children responsibilities in the home such as sweeping the floor, setting the table, clearing the table, tidying their toys etc.


The School – The children chose to have the role-play area as the ‘school’. There was some great teachers this month and some scary principals as well!

Building Homes – We were building homes with the mag-snaps. Below you can see Rana and Riga working together to build a disco house, Aaron building a row of terraced houses and Zofia building a detached house. Great work!

Artwork – Children completed two pieces of beautiful artwork this month. The made pictures of homes (detached, terraced, caravans, semi-detached) and glued them onto a background that they used crayon relief. Come and see them hanging outside our classroom. They also worked together to make a fireworks piece of art using print. This was for Diwali, as lots of people in our school, celebrate Diwali.

The Fairy World – Children were making up stories in the Fairy World. We had lots of exciting  things happening there such as fairy-napping, leprechauns trying to trick us and evil wizards coming to destroy fairy world. The children wrote their wishes and left them for the fairies. Children also made up spells and potions that these magical creatures use when doing their magic!

‘Home and School’ Projects

Children had projects to do for homework on the theme of Home and School. We had a presentation day, where all the children had to present their projects to each other. I was GOBSMACKED by the all the amazing projects. Well done, Senior Infants!

We have a new friend in Senior infants this week, his name is Harry. Harry is going to be our class pet and we were so excited to meet him. Harry is only ten weeks old so we must be very careful not to be too noisy or scare him away. Each class will have a pet minder each week who will make sure Harry has plenty of food and is happy in our class.


Children in Senior Infants have been learning all about ‘Myself’.

They were talking about where they live and where they come from. We have travelled all over the world and now we live in Dublin. We made t-shirts to show our support for Dublin! Up Dublin! We have been learning how to say ‘I live in Dublin’ in Polish – ‘Mieszkam w Dublinie’ Give it a try! How many languages can you say it in?

In the role-play area we have been celebrating birthdays. Everyone acts as a different family member eg father, grandmother, grandchildren, uncle etc. Everyone has different jobs to complete to get ready for the birthday. It has been a lot of fun pretending we are different ages. In Irish we are learning how to ask and say your age. ‘Cén aois thú? Tá mé cuig bliana d’aois.’ We have also learnt how to say our name in Hindi ‘Mera naam Kerry hai.’ We all look after each other as a family especially people who are much older and much younger.

In Science, we are discussing the toys we play with and if we have ever flown kites before. Children are sharing their experiences and making their own kites. We have experimented with long/short strings and also if the strings should be glued at the open end or the closed end of the paper bag. We have found out that we need the force of the wind to blow air into our bags so that they will fly. Watch out for our kites around Adamstown! Can you make any other toys in your homes?

Senses Experiments
We have been reading a book called ‘My Senses’ and finding out all about our senses and also the senses that animals have. We have been taken part in some senses experiments as well. We are using our hearing to play instruments in time and describe their sounds, we are using a blindfold and using our sense of touch to guess the objects, we are sorting foods we like the taste of and foods we don’t like the taste of, we are using our sense of sight to play a memory game and we are using our sense of smell to guess what scent is on the plastic bags. Did you know we have five senses? You can find lots of videos on youtube about senses such as

Our bones
We have been learning about our bones and the names of our bones. It is very tricky to put a skeleton back together. You can learn a skeleton song at home on

Children drew pictures of themselves and then wrote words to describe themselves – we have lots of fast, smart, pretty, clever, tall boys and girls in Senior Infants! Maybe you could make a picture of your brother/sister at home and write words about them!

The Gruffalo Big Book
Children were listening and discussing ‘The Gruffalo’. This is a link to the movie Watch it at home with your child. Children took part in role-plays and completed art-work based on The Gruffalo. Look at them hard at work!

Children have been learning what to do when a problem arises e.g somebody knocks down your blocks, somebody pushes you, somebody skips you in the line etc.
If this happens you need to STOP – what’s the problem? What are the feelings? THINK – Do I act aggro, weak or cool and friendly? DO- Choose a cool and friendly way to solve the problem.
We do not push back, knock their blocks down or scream at them. This is an AGGRO way to behave. We do not cry, stamp our feet, have a tantrum or sulk. This is WEAK way to behave. We tell the teacher, ignore it and play with someone else, ask them to stop doing it or tell them you were in the line first. This is the COOL AND FRIENDLY way to behave.