Megan’s Class

Intercultural Week

This year for intercultural week Megan’s class have been exploring the country Ukraine. The class created beautiful projects, paintings of St.Michaels Golden Doomed Church and also learned a tradition Ukrainian dance called ‘Hopak’. The children really enjoyed learning all about Ukraine.

We have been previously been doing basketball for p.e which i really like and the class were making teams and we played games against each other and we did a mini tournament and alot of guys had so much fun.

Maths was also really good we learned about the money and we played alot of games we also played the stations which each table got a diffrent game and we played and when 10 minutes are over you swich games and those were very fun money games we even got like cards that have diffrent numbers on them so you do maths sums with money i also played a game which is the mathopoly wich is like maths but you play with money and the monoply rules and cards like chance or challenge card.

In  February, we learned about the renaissance and every table had to do a project. My table had to do a project about Filippo Brunelleshi, it really helped with teamwork and it was great fun to do.

Later on, we started to learn more about Christopher Columbus and how he made a very important  discovery we all did separate  project about him on google slides.