First Class

We’ve had a busy September and October getting to know each other again after the long summer!

We’ve started learning the tin whistle, which can be pretty tricky at times but we’re getting better everyday!

We went for a walk this month around Adamstown and looked at some pictures of how it used to be and spotted some things that have changed. Its been very exciting seeing how Adamstown is changing. We drew pictures of how it might be in a few years.

We’ve started learning numbers from 10-20 and practiced counting up to 100 forwards and backwards, even getting on our chairs to shout out the decade numbers! We’re also learning about our 2d shapes and trying to problem solve!

The children had great fun learning all about the Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci and tried their hand at some mirror writing just like him. They also measured themselves to see if they were the perfect Vitruvian Human! We also painted some interesting pop art backgrounds to go with our Mona Lisa pictures.

The children have been learning about what a big responsibility having a pet is and how we have to care for our pets. We were so lucky to have the DSPCA( The Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in to talk to us and tell us all about the amazing work they do.