1st Booklist

Adamstown Castle ETNS

1st Class Booklist – 2020/2021


Name: ________________________

English Handwriting Made Easy 1 (Looped Style) (CJ Fallon)
Guided Readers – provided by School
Maths Cracking Maths 1st Class  Textbook

(Gill Education)


Cracking Maths Practice Book 1st Class

Time For Tables (EdCo)
SESE Explorers (Folens) SESE – Activity Book 1st Class
Music Tin Whistle D Key
Copies/Journal 10 x 15A Project Book Copies

3 x Learn to Write B2 Exercise Copies

1 x Junior Sum Copies 20mm squares

2 x Junior Sum Copies 10mm squares

1 x A5 Notebook

Folens Homework Diary


Requisites 1 x Large Pritt Stick

5 x HB Pencils

2 x A4 Button Folders

1 x A4 Zip Folder

Packet of Colouring Pencils

2 x Rubbers

2 x  Sharpeners

30cm ruler

5 x Face Cloths


  • These books may be purchased in The Maynooth Bookshop or Easons bookstore in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, both shops are also online.
  • If your child requires any additional requisites during the year, they will be on sale in our school shop.
  • Please put your child’s name on the cover of all books and all other materials (e.g. Pritt Stick).
  • Please retain this booklist for purchasing your child’s books. Your child will need to have all his/her books for the first day back to school

Adamstown Castle ETNS

Materials 2020/2021: 1st   – 6th  Class


Materials’ Money is paid online.


You will receive an automated email IN SEPTEMBER with instructions enabling you to pay.


The BOM has agreed the following reductions.  First child €93, second child €90, 3rd and subsequent child €25.




If there is any difficulty with this payment, please inform the school.

Art and Craft €16.00
Photocopying €12.00
Assessment Test €5.00
Classroom Materials €16.00
English Resources €16.00
IT €8.00
Insurance (24 hour) €5.00
ET Membership €15.00
Total amount due €93.00