Ailbhe’s Class

March 2022

Lines of symmetry are an important part in Maths to see if a shape can be split equally in 2 . We use lines of symmetry to identify if something is equal for example the letter A has a vertical line of symmetry.


Intercultural Week

For Intercultural Week our class were learning about the Czech Republic. We played a Czech game called K-Koo .We did Art about the Czech’s biggest castle which is Prague Castle.We also made a map of the Czech Republic which included what the most popular sport was and all the things relating to the Czech Republic. At the end of intercultural week we did a scavenger hunt and afterwards we went to the P.E hall and looked at and learned about lots of different countries. By Emma

Some of the things we learned about the Czech Republic are:

1 The population of czech republic is 10.7 million.

2 There are over 2000 castles in the Czech Republic. 

3 The turtle dove is Czech’s bird of the year. 

4 The top 3 most popular places in the Czech Republic are: Prague Castle, St Charles Bridge and Prague Astronomical Observatory.

By George

8th – 12th NOVEMBER

Here is what we have been doing in our class this week 😊 By Mahitha, Natalia and Matylda.

Geography: We have been learning all about Italy! We used the Chromebooks to research facts about Italy. We then each made flipbook projects. Here is a photo of our flip books and a fact-file about Italy!

Our fabulous flip books!
Italy Facts by Matylda

Art: To add to our studies about Italy, we drew wonderful pictures of the Colosseum. The Colosseum is a famous amphitheatre in Rome. We followed instructions to draw the ruins of the building, then we painted the background. Finally, we stained our Colosseums using tea bags. Aren’t they amazing!

English: We started learning about Recount Writing as part of our Writer’s Workshop. We are also almost finished our class novel “The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket”.

Mahitha’s summary of “The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket”

Learn Together: Our Learn Together theme is “Racial Segregation in America” – racial segregation means keeping people apart because of their race. We learned about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. as part of our studies.

A summary by Natalia

Gaeilge: Tá an téama “sa bhaile” againn anois. Seo é postéar ó Matylda agus Mahitha faoi na seomraí atá sa theach.

We are learning about the theme “at home”. Here is a poster by Matylda and Mahitha about the rooms found in the house.


We have been learnig about division and fractions in maths. We have been focusing on equivalent fractions. Equivalent fractions are fractions that are equal. Division is multipying backwards. (by Saifullah and Siddarth)

Fraction Wall