Chloe’s Class

March 2022

In Maths we were learning about 3-D shapes! Personally my favourite shape is the cone because it’s shaped like a birthday hat!.

We also planted Dahlia’s and lettuce with Diarmuid! I thought it was really fun!.

For English we made projects about space and linked with that in Art we drew what we thought creatures on Mars looked like and then sculpted them with clay!

Dahlia Flowers

By Rana


This month we have been learning about China and Qin’s empire. We have made Terracotta army soldiers from the Great tomb .Take a look at the photos. 

BY :Suhita

This week we went to the Astro! We had tons of fun there. We had a football tournament! Here is a photograph of our trip. We also used hula hoops for P.E. We  could keep them up for a long time! 

                                                              -By Nusayer

Intercultural Week

We studied Netherlands as part of Intercultural Week. Here are photos of our work. We also had a presentation in class from Floris.

We visited Tandy Lane Park and learned lots from the Park Ranger Gerry. We also had lots of fun in the playground.


We have learning about riddles and how to make them in class this week. We made some in class and here are two examples from Lily and Sofia J.

I have a cover,

trees inside,

lots of ink,

might be pink,

you might find a link,

so stop and think,

you might get lost in me.

What am I?

Mike’s mom has 3 kids.

The first kid’s name is Monday,

The other kid’s name is Tuesday,

Then what is the 3rd kid’s name?

Can you solve our riddles?????