JI Booklist

Junior Infants Booklist – 2018/2019

Name: ________________________

English Super Giant Colouring Book
  Just Write A Script Writing book (Edco) be sure not to buy the A1 book.

Handwriting Made Easy Print Style A (CJ Fallon) be sure not to buy Print Style B

  Guided Readers – provided by School
Maths Cracking Maths Junior Infants (Gill Education)
Requisites 5 Large Pritt Sticks, 10 Junior Grip HB Pencils,

Rubber, 3 A4 Plastic Button Folders, 1 Plain copy,

4 No 15 Project Book, 5 Face Cloths



  • These books may be purchased in The Maynooth BookshopThe Castle Bookshop in Leixlip or Easonsbookstore in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre.


  • Please put your child’s name on the cover of all books and all other materials (e.g. Pritt Stick).


  • Please retain this booklist for purchasing your child’s books. Your child will need to have all his/her books for the first day back to school