Second Class

Home Learning

Even though we haven’t been in school I’m happy to report that the children in 2nd class have been working hard at home and doing lots of fun and interesting things like planting, baking, painting, drawing, exercising, creating, building, feeding the birds, reading great books, writing stories and letters, playing shop and making timetables. I’ve even heard some children have been learning new languages and doing coding and probably lots more!

Keep up the great work everyone, I am so proud of you all!



months of the year

🌱Spring Planting in Ailbhe’s Class🌱

Before the school closure our class had done some planting. I popped into school yesterday to collect them and take them home to look after them. I was so happy to see how well they had grown. Thanks so much to George who watered them for us.

Check out this video to see how much they’ve grown 🌱


maths banner

We have been learning about time.

We were busy making timetables in CJ’s class.

We were learning to put a time on our daily activities.

We had to draw pictures of our activities and use blank clocks to fill in specific times during our school day.


months of the year

This month in CJ’s Class

we started sowing seeds!

We sowed Beetroot, Leeks and Onions. We feel like we have made a big start to the garden jobs.

We are looking forward to see them grow and preparing the vegetable beds.

This is our list of vegetables that we can sow in the month of February.

Variety Sow Harvest
Beetroot sow
Leek sow
Garlic sow
Onion sow

We have been learning about Spain🇪🇸

This month we learned lots of new things about Spain. We all did wonderful projects and presented them to our class. To celebrate, we had our very own Spanish Fiesta. We prepared our own bread with tomato, olive oil and garlic, a Spanish fruit salad and a sparkling citrus fruit drink. We then enjoyed it with our friends and listened to some Spanish music.Check out this video to see all the fun Ailbhe’s class had.

Assembly Performance

Ailbhe’s Class performed at our 1st assembly in November. We shared lots of facts that we had learned about autumn and we said a poem called Autumn is Here. We did a great job and Ailbhe is very proud of us.Here is a video of our performance.

STEAM WEEK 2019Check out this video to see some of the fun activities 2nd class got up to during STEAM Week.

September in Ailbhe’s Class

In September we learned all about ourselves, our families and our locality. We learned:How to make a family treeFamilies can be differentOur locality is our neighbourhoodOur localities are Adamstown and LucanLots of different people help us in our localityOur bones help us moveOr muscles contract and relaxOur brain is protected by our skullOur skeleton stops us from being floppyBabies have more bones than adultsBabies have about 270 bones, adults have about 206Our humerus is the bone from our shoulder to our elbowOur femur is the bone from our hip to our kneeHere are some wonderful pictures of some of the things we created

We also designed and made ROBOTIC HANDS. They are very cool!