Second Class

We’ve been busy this September, here’s just a few pictures of what we’ve been up to!!

Here in ACETNS all the classrooms are named after different trees. Móna’s class is called the Horse Chestnut tree. The children have been learning all about how tall they grow, how many leaflets are on each leaf and all about conkers.

IMG_20170921_155536808 (1)

We’ve been using different fabrics and fibres and getting inventive in Art! We worked collaboratively with 3rd class to create some food pyramids and thought about the textures of fabrics to create different pictures.

In English we’ve learning about how to make our narrative writing more interesting. We’ve been working on making our characters and setting more descriptive. In drama we explored different characters and made ‘freeze frames’ or photos with our bodys portraying different parts of a descriptive story.