Second Class

Assembly Performance

Ailbhe’s Class performed at our 1st assembly in November. We shared lots of facts that we had learned about autumn and we said a poem called Autumn is Here. We did a great job and Ailbhe is very proud of us.

Here is a video of our performance.


Check out this video to see some of the fun activities 2nd class got up to during STEAM Week.

September in Ailbhe’s Class

In September we learned all about ourselves, our families and our locality. We learned:

How to make a family tree

Families can be different

Our locality is our neighbourhood

Our localities are Adamstown and Lucan

Lots of different people help us in our locality

Our bones help us move

Or muscles contract and relax

Our brain is protected by our skull

Our skeleton stops us from being floppy

Babies have more bones than adults

Babies have about 270 bones, adults have about 206

Our humerus is the bone from our shoulder to our elbow

Our femur is the bone from our hip to our knee

Here are some wonderful pictures of some of the things we created

We also designed and made ROBOTIC HANDS. They are very cool!