Anna Rose’ Class

Some of our September art so far. We have been very busy and creative in our first month of 2nd Class. Check out some of our amazing art! Firstly, we created our name mosaic art pieces. Then we painted incredible self-portraits. Last week, we explored primary and secondary colour paints by creating a colour wheel.
Fyffes Fit Squat 28/9/23. Sharon and Fionn from Fyffes Fit Squat visited us today. We took part in a workout in the hall and received bananas and inflatable bananas for our hard work. Make sure to practice your exercises at home! It’s a great way to stay active. Well done everyone!
We went on an autumn walk 29/9/23. We collected leaves, berries and fruit. We created leaf rubbings in art. It is such a great way to capture the beauty of the season.
Maths Week 18/10/23. We completed a maths quiz online. We also made patterns and completed addition & subtraction sums on the yard with chalk. It was a great way to celebrate Maths Week!
Mobile library 23/10/23. We visited the mobile library. Selecting our own books was so enjoyable. We must make sure to handle the books with care and return them to the mobile library next time.
Happy Friday! 27/10/23. Have a lovely midterm break everyone!
Marble Jar 27/10/23. We filled our class marble jar. We worked as a team. Everyone got delicious treats for our very good behaviour. Well done everyone!
Happy Diwali! We coloured in some beautiful Rangoli designs with vibrant colours.
We explored Bee Bots during Science Week 16/11/23. Bee Bots, the friendly programmable floor robots, are the perfect introduction to programming, teaching children sequencing, directional language, commands, and algorithms. They move in precise 15cm steps and execute 90-degree turns (a quarter turn), making learning both captivating and interactive. They allow for limitless exploration, whether we use specially designed mats or create custom ones. Bee Bots can take you on adventures in colours, shapes, geography, language arts, mathematics, and science.