Senior Infants

September in Ailbhe’s Class

September has been a busy month for Ailbhe’s Senior Infants. We have all settled back into school after a lovely summer off.

This month we explored the theme of Myself, Home and School.

We learned a lot about ourselves. We talked about our senses and read a book about people’s senses and animals’ senses. We learned lots of interesting facts! We also investigated popcorn using our senses and discussed what it smelled like, tasted like, felt like, looked like and sounded like. It was very exciting!

We also completed our first ever projects! We looked at pictures of ourselves as babies, toddlers and now and discussed what we were like and could do at these different stages. Then we drew pictures of what we wanted to be in the future! (race car drivers, doctors, ballerinas, designers and footballers to name just a few!). Then we used all this information to make our own timelines. They look great and Ailbhe is very proud of our hard work.


Our imaginations were working very hard during play this month. We put on wonderful shows, found safety in a castle while a volcano erupted, set up the castle farm and held numerous birthday parties. We also pretended to be teachers too.Lots of people were very creative using blocks and art materials. Some people built space ships and robots and others made masks.

In maths we explored length and measured a lot of things using links, cubes and lollipop sticks. It was lots of fun!

We painted wonderful self portraits too and learned a cool chant called Dr. Knickerbocker!


Check back in soon to see what we get up to next!
Bye for now,

Senior Infants.