Ailbhe’s Senior Infants

Exciting construction in Aistear this October

This month, we participated in different maths week activities including shape hunts and construction using different shapes. In Aistear, the children built different buildings and objects using magnetic shapes and wooden blocks.

😊Children’s Rights😊

This month in Learn Together we have been learning about children’s rights. We drew some pictures to spread awareness in our school. We learned that all children from all over the world have the right to a name and a home, to feel safe, to have a family who love them, to learn and play and to get medicine if they are sick.

🌲🌳Forest School🌳🌲

Our class loves going to our Forest School in St. Catherine’s Park. We have so much fun building dens, playing on the ropes and always find lots of interesting things.

🌷Our Flowers are Blooming🌷

In November we planted bulbs with Tom. We have loved seeing the flowers grow over the past few weeks. First the snowdrops appeared and then the daffodils. Now there are some crocuses and tulips starting to bloom. Spring has definitely sprung!

🌼🪻Spring Painting🪻🌼

This week we practiced some more colour mixing. We painted yellow daffodils and blue bluebells and then mixed the colours to make green for the stems and grass. We love our spring pictures.

🎨Colour Mixing Fun🎨

We read the story The Smeds and the Smoos by Julia Donaldson. We really enjoyed the story. It inspired us to try out some colour mixing. We mixed red and blue paint to make purple. We had lots of fun creating our own blue Smoos, red Smeds, and purple Smoo Smeds.

🪐Out of This World🪐

We have been learning all about space in January. We worked together to make this wonderful work of art.

❄️Winter Fun❄️

We loved playing in the cold winter weather this week in Senior Infants.

🏘Houses and Homes🏘

In November our theme was houses and homes. We enjoyed learning about different houses and created some amazing houses during our playtime. We also read the story of Hansel and Gretel and did a super job at retelling it in our own words.

🇵🇭 Intercultural Week 🇵🇭

We loved learning about different countries during Intercultural Week in ACETNS. Our class learned about the Philippines. We loved having Vanessa in to talk to us. We learned about a house called Bahay Kubo and made our own 3D Jeepneys. We also learned about the animals native to The Philippines and the Story of the Sleeping Giant. We learned a song and designed special hats for the fashion show. It was so much fun.

🎃Halloween and Autumn Art🎃

We loved walking around our school to see the wonderful art all the classes created for our Halloween and Autumn walking art gallery. Here’s what we created. The funky pumpkins were our favourite!