SI Booklist

Adamstown Castle ETNS

Senior Infants Booklist – 2016/2017

Name: ________________________

English Handwriting Made Easy Looped Style A CJ Fallon (Be sure not to buy Looped style B)

Burgers Book of Sounds 2

Looped style CJ Fallon

Guided Readers – provided by School
Maths Cracking Maths – Senior Infants (Gill & MacMillan)
Copies No.15 Project Book (3)

Junior Sum Copy 20mm squares (2)

Learn to Write B2 Exercise Copy (2)

Requisites 5 Large Pritt Sticks, 10 Junior Grip HB Pencils,4 Rubbers, 4 A4 Plastic Button Folders, 1 small sellotape, 5 Face Cloths
  • These books may be purchased in Easons bookstore in the Liffey Valley Shopping Centre.
  • Please put your child’s name on the cover of all books and all other materials (e.g. Pritt Stick).
  • Please retain this booklist for purchasing your child’s books. Your child will need to

have all his/her books for the first day back to school

Materials 2017/2018: Senior Infants

This year Materials Money must be paid online.

You will receive an automated email with instructions enabling you to pay.

Materials money must be paid by Friday 15th September 2017.

If there is any difficulty with this payment, please inform the school by the 15th September.



Art and Craft €15.00
Photocopying €20.00
Assessment Test €5.00
Classroom Materials €10.00
English Resources €20.00
IT €10.00
Aistear Resources €10.00
ET Membership €15.00
Insurance €5.00
Total amount due €110