Zara’s Class


On the 22nd of February 2022, Zara and Anna Rose’s 6th class went on a trip to the Phoenix Park. They left at 8:40 am for Adamstown train station and got onto the train for Heuston train station at 9:07. Heuston Station is located in the City Centre. .

Upon arrival, both 6th classes crossed the River Liffey, going from Dublin’s Southside to Northside. They then walked to Phoenix park ,where they ate their small lunch and played beside the People’s Flower Garden . After they finished, they went down to a bike rental shack where they rented a bike for all 51 students. The teachers then split the classes into groups. One group lead by Anna Rose, one lead by Zara, one lead by Orlaith, one lead by the principal Tom, one lead by a student teacher named Sarah and one lead by a volunteering parent named Eimear.

After a while the groups split up. One of the groups seeing the Popes Cross the other seeing the Magazine Fort . Both classes then saw Aras an Uachtarain ,where the President of Ireland lives . On the opposite side of Aras an Uachtarain they saw the Us Ambassador’s Residence.

Afterwards, all the groups rode their bikes back down along Chesterfield Avenue to the bike rental area. They all walked to the Wellington Monument, where they all had their big lunch. Finally, it was time to go back to Adamstown. The classes got a train from Heuston station to the Adamstown train station at 1:20 pm and walked back to ACETNS.

That was our version of this fun school trip, and we advise you to go to Phoenix Park on a nice, warm, sunny day.

By Abdulateef and Mimi.