Cáit’s Class

Welcome to Cáit’s 3rd Class. We have been very busy in our classroom since September.

Some of our class will now tell you about what they have been learning this year:

Maths Week

As part of Maths Week our class participated in a Maths Quiz online. It was great fun.

In 3rd Class we have been learning about multiplication in Maths. We have learned about 2 and 4 times tables. Take a look at our copies. By Alex, Amy and Amaaya.

Our Starlight books and copies

We worked on Starlight this month and read a story called ‘Brothers in the Library’. This was about two brothers who went to a library for a summer. One of them wanted to cause mischief, the other one was scared. By Inaaya, Mia, Sidak.

Dress up for Halloween