Intercultural Week 2022

ntercultural week will run from Monday the 14th- Friday 18th of November. We are delighted to be able to return to the pre covid style of Intercultural Week. 

Each class has been assigned a country to learn about. Parents are welcome to come into school next week and talk to their child’s class about the country they have been assigned. Please contact your child’s class teacher if you wish to come in. 

Please see the overview of what the classes will be doing next week

Decorate Room Projects Fashion Show prep Orienteering JuniorDecorate Room Projects Fashion Show prep Orienteering SeniorDay of Travel QuizFood Fair
Fashion Show 


There will be a food fair on Thursday (17th of Nov) showcasing all the different cultures and culinary traditions. We would greatly appreciate it if you could make something for the food fair with your child as part of your child’s homework next week. Please note that nuts are not permitted and that an ingredients list will need to be filled out for each recipe. Thank you in advance for your help with this. On Thursday morning pupils can go directly to the hall with the food that they have made. The hall will be open from 08:30am onwards. The Student Council, Yellow Flag Committee and Parents Association will be helping out with this also.

List of countries

Class Country
Junior Infants Olivia Poland 
Junior Infants Alanna Spain 
Senior Infants AilbhePhilippines 
Senior Infants CáitJordan
1st Class KevinPakistan 
1st Class JohnChina 
2nd Class CliodhnaDenmark
2nd Class GraceFrance
3rd Class CiaraUSA
3rd Class ChloeSlovakia
4th Class ZaraBrazil 
4th Class GrahamSingapore 
5th Class Anna RoseRomania
5th Class ConorIndia 
6th Class OrlaithSouth Africa
6th Class DiarmiudEstonia 
Junior Outreach Lithuania 
Senior OutreachMoldova 

Thank you for all your help, 

Chloe and Aisling.