See you later, alligator!

June is a time when we say a lot of goodbyes. For some it’s a short goodbye, we’ll see them again in September for others they are moving on to bigger and better things, but they know they’re always welcome back in Adamstown, so let’s just say see you later!!
goodbye poem

Good bye and good luck to the 6th Class children who made their graduation on Tuesday!

And of course Good Luck to Collette who is leaving us this year as well!! An amazing teacher who’s brought such great energy to Adamstown for the last 4 years!! She will be missed! collette at assembly


This week is active week in the school so we are out and about getting fit and healthy and having fun!!


Aerobics will be in the hall from 8.25 (First 20 children present)

Drop Everything And Dance will be at 8.50 every morning in class, so don’t be late!!

Teachers are doing extra P.E./ games around the school and active homework has been set for the week.

  • Tuesday 6th June- Marathon Day

Each class ran around the big yard as many times as they could in 10 minutes. The average total number of laps per class is on the Active School Notice Board.

  • Wednesday 7th – Picnic Day & Teachers v 6th class

At 11.15 Junior children walked to a nearby park and Senior children walked to the pitch, where they had a picnic and played for an hour.

At 1.30 the teachers will play  basketball against the 6th class….. score to be posted….

  • Friday 9th  -Disco Day

At 10.40 in the hall there will be a Junior Disco.

At 11.20 in the hall there will be a Senior Disco.

Sports day has been postponed till next Wednesday 14th,  if weather allows. 

Raising Money for Crumlin

In December, the school with the help of the student council raised over €1000 for Crumlins children hospital.

Throughout the week  various activities were organised such as, ‘sponsored silences’.
skipathon,  and Funny/Christmas jumpers. We also had teachers and children busking at the school gates each afternoon.

The parents association also organised a movie night, where children brought their pillows and duvets and wore their pajamas to school and a cake sale was organised.

Today people from Crumlin Children’s hospital came to the school to thank us for the great work we all did and tell us a little more about how the money we raised will help the children in Crumlin.

A big thank you again to all those who helped organise and support the cause.