Well done to all those who have sent in an entry so far!!They are all so good! If you haven’t yet, make sure you get it in before 9am on Thursday. Send your photos to

Here are today’s Entries:

A replica of a classroom and the glass pyramid outside the Louvre, both made from card.


The Big Ben tower in London made out of a variety of things including paper, card, and matchsticks!


A candle holder made out of straws!!


Newgrange, in Meath, Ireland, made from sponges and brown bread!!

The leaning tower of Pisa, Italy. Made with straws!!


Pyramids made with matchsticks and clay.



The solar system made with clay.
Sydney Opera house made with card.
Well done to Kacper(2nd class), Sahas(3rd class), Tahera (4th class),Vaishnav(5th class), Dev(2nd class), Jude(Senior infants), Kai(3rd class), Momen(4th class), Mimi(3rd class), Malik(senior infants), Gabrielus(1st class) and Mya(2nd class). Good luck in the competition!