Well done everyone!!All the entries were incredible and the STEAM team found it extremely difficult to pick a winner.  After over an hour of looking through all the entries we have finally chosen 5 Amazing structures that were impressively similar to the structures they were emulating and that used interesting materials to be created. The winner will be announced at tomorrows Assembly.

Here are a few more entries received early this morning before the closing time.

Big Ben, made with cardboard.
Eiffel Tower, made with cardboard.
Christmas Tree made from lemonade bottle, paper ribbon, material bows and battery lights.
The Louvre, France. Made with cardboard, aluminium foil, plastic paper and sticks.
Toy home made with a milk can, stickers, markers.
Motorised windmill, made with batteries, wires and propellers.
IMG-20181018-WA0002 (1)
Airplane made from tinfoil.
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany. Made with toast, breadsticks, and toothpicks.
House made from lollipop sticks!

Plane made out of straw and structure made out of tooth picks, marshmallows and Apple.

Geometric structures made out of toothpicks, Apple and jelly.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE. Made from cardboard and plastic bottles.

Tourist double decker bus. Made from empty toothpaste box, cardboard and paint.

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. Made from paper, pencils bit of paint and blocks.

Vilnius Cathedral, Lithuania. Made with cardboard and paint.
Leaning tower of Pisa, Italy. Made with kitchen roll, beads, and crepe paper.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France. Made with cardboard, cellotape, and tealight.

Helicopter made with Lego.

The White house,Washington DC, USA.  Made out of Lego.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy. Made from paper.


Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE. Made with cardboard.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France. Made with Styrofoam.

A house made from lollipop sticks and cardboard.

Pyramid house made with cardboard and lollipop sticks.


A Boat made with cardboard and wooden skewers.
Leaning Tower Of Pisa made using cardboard, a pencil and matchsticks.

Rainbow tower made from coloured straws,  coloured t-shirts, styrofoam, paint, thumb tacks and a Santa hat!! Well done guys its amazing!!!

Haunted house made with cardboard and paint! Super Spooky!
The Big Ben, London, UK. Made from cardboard and paper. Great Job!
Well done to Aseel(2nd class), Ian(1st class), Amie(5th class), Neha(4th class), Mahitha(1st class), Hadi Ali(5th class), Shafi Ali(5th class), Seerat(2nd class), Esma(Senior infants), Duaa(4th class), Aarav(2nd class), Advaita(Senior infants), Adam(Junior infants), Ameya(Senior infants), Hubert(1st class), Sofia(1st class), Angelina(3rd class), Emily(3rd class), Idrees(1st class), Aaron(Junior infants), Alisha(Junior infants), Afifah(2nd class), Prasna(2nd class), Falag(3rd class), Mostafa(1st class), Billal(4th class), Lamees(1st class), Ema(1st class), Tiago(1st class), Alice(3rd class), and Riana(3rd class). You all did incredible structures, you should be very proud of yourselves!!

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