The Intercultural Logo Competition

As part of the Erasmus Plus Project, we had to design a logo that represents our school, our values and our country. We had many AMAZING entries, and it was extremely difficult to decide on a winner. The Yellow Flag Committee (who promote inclusion and diversity in our school) decided that the following logo was the deserved winner.

Congratulations to Arin from 6th class, who designed this Logo. When talking about her logo she said  “I began with our school’s logo because I don’t think I would be able to make a better one. I included our countries flag, with hands showing that our country and our school includes lots of people with different skin colour. The chain above that represents that we are linked together and that we stand together against racism. Then I included different religious symbols, to show that we talk about different religions in our school. Lastly, I included lots of colourful swirls as our school is just so fun”.

logo winner

We had many other logo entries which we felt had to be highly commended. Well done to every single child who participated. We have an extremely creative and  talented bunch 🙂